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[Aug. 10th, 2008|10:17 pm]
Name: Sarah
Age: 16
Location: Modesto, California
Servicemens name(First only): Joshua
Servicemens age: 18
Servicemens branch: U.S. Army.
How long have you been together (known each other)?: 2 years 1 month 3 days
What is your relationship with them?: Girlfriend.
Is your Servicemen currently deployed?(yes or no): He's at AIT.
Is there anything you would like to share about your experience, things you've learned, or any questions you have?: I've learned that a man in the services comes with a need for patience and a lot of love.
Any pix of You & Your Servicemen? (please use a LJ-Cut!):

Favorite Jonas Brother?: Joeee<3
Fav Song off 1st Album?: Year 3000!
Fav Song off 2nd Album?: Goodnight and Goodbye, That's just the way we roll, S.O.S (Duh.)
Ever seen them in concert?: Yep 3 weeks ago!
How many times?: Once.
Do you have a Fav JB Moment?:
Joes Muffin man rap, Joe lipsyncing to Cry Me a River. :D

[User Picture]From: lurvjessica
2008-08-11 01:11 pm (UTC)
Awesome! Welcome Sarah! I'm so glad your here, also glad someone posted something besides me being a dork haha.

xox, Jessica (MOD)
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