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but that's just the way we roll!

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CallUSupporters, Jonas Brothers Fans with Support for those in the Military!
callusupporters is a LiveJournal Community dedicated to those of us who know/have someone in the Military or you Support our Troops, and you are also a fan of the Jonas Brothers!

Reasons to Join:
☼ You Support our Troops! Those who are home, those who are at war.
☼ You have a Parent, loved one, brother/sister, husbands/wives who is in the Military.
☼ Are you also a Fan of the Jonas Brothers? Awesome!

This Community was made to bring two special kind of people together, Supporters & Jonas Brothers fan! I think you've gotta be a pretty strong person to be either. Please join our Community, share your stories!

Jonas Brothers fans making new friends
with those who have something else special to share about them!

Introduction Survey
Feel free to fill this out so we can all
get to know eachother a little better!
Any questions you want to suggest? Let me know! (Obviously if you do not know anyone in the Military, you can fill out what you are able. It's all gravy baby!)

Servicemens name(First only):
Servicemens age:
Servicemens branch:
How long have you been together (known each other)?:
What is your relationship with them?:
Is your Servicemen currently deployed?(yes or no):
Is there anything you would like to share about your experience, things you've learned, or any questions you have?:
Any pix of You & Your Servicemen? (please use a LJ-Cut!):

Favorite Jonas Brother?:
Fav Song off 1st Album?:
Fav Song off 2nd Album?:
Ever seen them in concert?:
How many times?:
Do you have a Fav JB Moment?:

We are also currently looking for some Graphic Designers who would be kind enough to make us some graphics for our callusupporters Graphics MySpace. Icons, Avatars, Graphics, Banners, Layouts anything at all! Please feel free to let us know if you're interested! Thank you!

[Moderator] lurvjessica

We do not exclude anyone. This community is to support our Army, Marines, Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, the Reserves, etc...Kevin, Joe & Nick Lovers.

When talking about our Service "people" please follow the rules of OPSEC (Operational Security). I can and will delete you from this Community if those rules are broken. Following the basic rules of: not posting dates (of deployments), times (when they left or when they will come back), travels (locations when deployed), discuss particulars about weapons etc. There ARE people out there who join to get that kind of information, scary huh? Please go here "OPSEC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" for basic info. Also when posting pix of anyone in Uniform, please black out their NAMES, we do not need to give that information out either. Thank you!